Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Write The Words, But I Miss The Volume

First post of a new year. Is that some kinda big deal? Nah...

I've been seeing everyone's posts, pics and updates about their crazy times on New Years Eve. My party plans changed after a suck-tastic Saturday full of bad news, sad situations, and a frozen apartment.

So, instead of dressin' up & heading out, I stayed in. A friend came and made me some dinner after fixing my broken radiators (it's lovely to longer be constantly shivering), and we spent the night watching hockey and drinking some beers (thanks to Drew).

There was also some Jaws action. Dunna... dunna... dunna...

Starting the year sober and without hangover is a pretty good way to go. That's a new one for me. Guess I'm all growed up, albeit accidentally.

I also got to spend the weekend with my favourite little guy.

Jack and Daisy are still best friends for life.

And don't tell my foodie friend Joel, but I also celebrated the beginning of 2012 with a delicious Big Mac.

Haven't had one in awhile, and oh how I've missed it.

It's the little things that had to make up for a bad Saturday morning.

I'm not making any resolutions. A new year doesn't have to mark a new beginning - I just plan to keep going with the things I'm doing and gain more personal success as I go. That's not a resolution; that's life done right.

2011 brought some of the changes I was looking for and really needed, so I don't need to bitch about how awful it was this time (you're welcome). This chick's on the right path, and onward I go. Wontcha come along?
So happy-few-days-into-a-new-year, folks.

Hope you're enjoying the freaking cold snap that hit us today. I'm not.

...is it summer yet? (Ah shit. I forgot that I wasn't supposed to bitch. Whoops.)


Anita_chauhan said...

I am NOT enjoying the cold snap! It was so unexpected! Also, agree with your sentiments on resolutions. Why do we need to make them at the beginning of the year? Why can we not just try and better ourselves each and every day?

Anyways, Happy New Year! :)

Shmiggy said...

No resolutions - same. It's silly to make a resolution when you know you're not going to stick to it. Like you I'm just holding on to the mentality I gained in 2011.
Work hard, stay positive, enjoy the little things, don't be a hero, doubletap, check the back seat and cardio. Lots of cardio.

Alyson said...

It's actually super warm here! Whomp whomp for you.

I don't do resolutions, either. I try to see a new year as a way to continue to shape my mentality about life, ie: how I think about things, handle stress, eating habits, etc. It's a good time to think about personal change & betterment, but usually people just BS because they think they should.

I don't sound bitter, do I? Hah.


kNeil said...

yes your words did bore me. however you had me at Big Mac . . . and was there any dancing?

Kris said...

Anita - Happy New Year to you too! :)

Smacktastic - Psh. Cardio. PSH!

Alyson - Not bitter - awesome as usual! HNY, girly!

kNeil - Sorry for boring you. There is always dancing.

Anonymous said...

WTF I didn't have Joel's blog in my RSS feed. Thanks for the link.

Dave said...

Jaws....seems that was on a lot over the holiday season...was on Christmas eve as well. Roommate of one of my friends, being in her mid-30s...hadn't seen it? WTF?

Whats cold in TO?


Kris said...

Justin - Just watch yerself, he won't like if you eat fast food. Joel keeps me in check ;)

Dave - I didn't see Jaws until a couple of years ago. Boyfriend at the time thought that was crazy. In TO, cold is... well, everything for me. But today it was a bajillion degrees below 0. Where are you? Somewhere warm?

Dave said...

Really, you're a late Jaws comer too? NUTS :)

I guess it has always had a special place in my fav movie list...up near Scent of a Woman and Boiler Room haha

I wish I was somewhere genuinely "warm" but actually today in Winnipeg it was just that...pretty decent , especially for January. I fear this will lead to thermal retribution :P

Have you or your friends seen "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" yet? Any reviews?

Kris said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard some good reviews from those who have. Stupidly, I've been sometimes reading the second book though I haven't yet read the first.

Dave said...

I have the first book in the back window of my car but haven't cracked it (don't read much fiction tbh), but I have heard great reviews too.

Here's hoping Canada can pull a comeback from two horrible periods of hockey *fingers crossed* :P

Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

I was too under the weather (and had to drive 45 minutes) to get trashed on NYE. Also I'm too old. So I know what you mean, sort of. Happy 2012. It...uh...goetz better?

Anonymous said...

Next time you hit McDonald's, instead of the Big Mac, try this.
Order a cheeseburger and a McNugget happy meal. Take the four mcnuggets and some fries and stuff them in the cheeseburger. Then chow down. It's surprisingly good.

Kris said...

Dave - I crossed my fingers too... didn't work!

Keir - It Goetz better indeed. Or else!

wigsf - Now THAT'S a new one! Hmm...

Mike D. said...

That dog photo is very, very cute.

Kris said...

I've now posted it pretty much everywhere. Fave pic of 2012 ;)

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