Friday, February 24, 2012

A Faithless Path To Roam

Everyone appears to have recently gone batshit crazy for Pinterest.

For those who are pinterested in Pinterest and may find it pinteresting (sorry, I'll stop. Yeah, I hate me too.), it's almost like an online scrapbook of things you like, or want to share. When I first checked it out, I thought "Screw this, it's for people who like stuff. Pshhh, not for me."

But then I, like many others, couldn't stop pinning a big damn mess o' things.

My pinning thought processes:

 - Not much interesting going on today - WAIT, IS THAT A PUPPY?! *pinned*

- I bet I would look EXACTLY like that model if only I had that pretty red dress to change what I look like completely... *pinned*

- Infographic! Shit yeah! *pinned*

-  This guy looks like he wants to be my husband, and if I put him on my board it'll totally happen. *pinned*

- Frank Zappa is LOOKING AT ME *pinned*

Now, I've also used it for more productive things. I pin my work-related items, recipes that are easy enough for a Kitchen Nightmare like me, and things that I (and others) may find pretty darn interesting. And I bet when gift-giving time comes around, Pinterest is going to make it a hell of a lot easier.

So, yeah. I'll admit it.

I, Kris the Shambled friggin' Rambler, am a pinner.

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