Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Just Sit There Catatonic, I'm Feeling Supersonic

Yesterday was the first day of spring.

So you know what that means...

Oh, you don't?

Well it means that winter is over. Warmer weather has come back into my life and made my cold, black heart a little more cheerful. It also means that I'll be less of a hermit.

I hibernate like the bitchy, bitchy bear that I am. Rawr.

So last night I went to the County General with some of my favourite crazies. I love 'em dearly.

The food photos are stolen from Nate & Joel, cuz I was too busy mowing down to take any pictures. Lucky for me, they ate the same things that Sue & I shared.

Aaaand now I'm hungry again.

The thing about spring & warm weather is that it has a tendency to make us all a little more nutbar than usual.

I should add that I'm completely ok with that. I fully embrace my batshit craziness, and you should too.

Beware the cat boobs. And my right-handed penmanship when it sneaks in among my usual left-handed magic.

Yeah. Like I said. Embrace the crazy.

I did:

Happy spring, my little wonkdonkeys. Get outside, ya hear?

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