Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Am Denial, Guilt, & Fear

My buddy Adam recently published his first book.

If you recall me ever mentioning my friend Smack, that'd be him. We're like two peas in a very strange and psychotic pod in a lot of ways, so I'm super proud that he finished his book and went forward with it. That's something I was never able to do - my half-finished works made me too frustrated and unsure of myself.

Smack gets me. He's one guy that I can get into frank conversations about the "low days", and he'll understand completely. He knows them well; they're his, too. And because of these discussions, though I rarely see the guy, he also knows me well in a different way than most people.

When he first wrote this book, I had the privilege of reading it right away. It had hooked me, and gave readers a look into Smack's head. I'm currently in the middle of reading his revised and final version, and am interested to see how he changed it.

So to anyone who likes to support local folks, check out Smack's book. Show him that he was wise to go for it. You won't be disappointed.

As for me, I need a distraction from the pain of what appears to be TMJ. Time for an LRDP (living room dance party).

Enjoy yer weekend!

(And stay tuned for Monday's post... even more info about the interweb people using my photos - there are multiple people now. And I'm gonna need your help to get these jackasses. Full-on online assault. Grab yer pitchforks.)

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