Monday, March 12, 2012

In A State Of Mind I Could Call Mine & Only I Could Own

Sometimes I forget to tell you how awesome you all are.

I've been in more than a few conversations with people lately about blog-related crap & the people we encounter because of it. Many bloggers get a lot of flack and hateful shit hurled at them, just because they are extremely exposed to the peanut gallery. It's part of the game; comes with the online territory.

I've been pretty lucky. The majority of people who take the time to stop by here and read the tripe I type (rhyme time!) have been pretty great. Enough so that the negative folks don't faze me so much. I get nice emails and messages daily from readers, and I appreciate it. A lot.

So, thank you. You awesometastic, ass-kickin' people often make my day. I don't always know how you found me or why you keep coming back, but you've made this negative chick a little less cynical. Huge kudos to you.

Now let's continue this love-in by holding hands in a circle and singing kumbaya. Hand me my guitar, will ya? ...and then play it, please.

Or we can listen to this instead.

Interweb hugs 'n high fives to you all.

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