Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picture-Perfect Numb Belligerence

On Thursday night, some fun-tastic freaks & I rented out a karaoke room at Bar +.

I may be a long-time karaoke advocate, but I've never done the private room thing before. Best decision ever for a buncha mic-hogs 'n crazies.

It's a little known fact that straight-male-romances are 76.3% more likely to happen while performing an emotional karaoke duet.

I think I witnessed about 6 of 'em.

As you  know, I feel it's important to always learn new things...

That night, I learned that I prefer standing on leather couches instead of floors, I still know all the Spice Girls' lyrics and dance moves, and that words to Pink songs are guarded by government officials and can not, under any circumstances, be shown on TV screens without Secret Service supervision.

Their song selection is enough to make a skid like me real goshdarn happy.

This could turn into a problem. I must go back soon.

Won'tcha join me?

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