Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Walk On Home, Boy

Oh - hi there.

Do you like good times? How about good music, do ya like good music? Small world, me too!

In that case, allow me to cordially invite you to a li'l shin-dig happening on March 30th at Velvet Underground. Bob will be spinning, beer will be flowing, I will be dancing, and you...? Well, you will be having a goshdarn good time.

Because I said so.

I require you to come party with me.

Event details here: FULL CARD FRIDAYS w/ DJ Bingo Bob @ Velvet Underground. Say you're attending, and huzzah - you're on the guestlist with no cover (which means more cash for beer, of course).

Not that anyone recalls, but the last time I went to Velvet to see my boy Bob spin, I ended up being challenged by some dude & had to out-Pantera him. I won, of course, and I'll do it again if I have to.  Deftones challenge? Accepted!

So come have a beer with me. I'm nice (sometimes). And Bob plays the good stuff. SuperFantasticHappyFuntimes are pretty much a guarantee.

And, uh... Expect some shambled headbanging.

Watch yer head.


See you all on the 30th. Or else!

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