Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Can Turn On Anyone, Just Like I Turned On You

Y'know I'm too busy with work to think of my own topics when I start filling le blog with special questions from Masuka. But, from what I'm told, readers love their Masuka.

However... unless Axl Rose went through a change that I was not aware of, this one isn't even slightly boob-related. Imagine.

 Dear Kristen.. 

You're known as a knower of things rock and roll. This month, the rock & roll hall of fame will induct Guns 'n Roses in to its hallowed halls. 

Do you think they will reunite? Why or why not? ... If not, what do you think will happen? Riot? Fist fight between Slash and Axl? Will it be like a Beatles reunion -- an awesome idea but better if all the myth is left in place? 

Love, Masuka

Oh, GNR. S'cuse me while I go throw on my band tshirt and start whistling the beginning to Patience.

Appetite for Destruction is reason enough to get those monkeys into the HOF. I still love that album more than I care to speak about without sounding all fan-girly. So allow me to take this time to give a little clap for 'em.

Ok, done.

I actually read today that Axl and Izzy haven't confirmed that they will even be there for the induction. And Green Day will be the ones inducting the band. (Green Day? Really?)

At this point, I kinda doubt they'll reunite (Axl and Slash specifically). Slash says he wants to put the feud to rest, but they also both say they've pretty much disliked each other from the very beginning. That's a long time to hate someone.

When I saw GNR, I saw 'em with Buckethead. I dig Buckethead. The dude is awesome. But was it the same as seeing the band with Slash? Nope. So yeah, the long-time fan in me would love to see a real reunion (and one without Axl's stupid braids. Yeah, I said it.). But at this rate it won't happen until they're all bald, wrinkled and have added a banjo solo to Rocket Queen.

For the induction to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame alone though, I think they should suck it up, swallow their aging rockstar prides and stand onstage together just this once. The fans don't give a shit if they hate each other (really - we don't), we just dig the tunes and would like to see them happily accept this recognition as a band. A full band. Don't think we've forgotten about the Chinese Democracy debacle, Axl. We have not. You owe us, dude.

Then again... what do I know. I'm just a chick with a band t-shirt and a GNR Living Room Dance Party.

And for the record... Duff & Izzy were my favourite anyway.

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