Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Lost Behind Words I'll Never Find

Hit the Jays game with Jays FanBoy (Or JFB) last night.

A win. Boom.

Likely a little-known fact that I'm a huge Jose Calderon fan. (Yes, he's a Raptor. Yes, I watch basketball. And yes, this was a baseball game.) He threw the first pitch, so maybe JFB wasn't the only person getting uber-fan about everything.

Two Joses I dig in one location. Not too shabby.

And to the dude who ran on the field, stripped, then got pinned by security....

Wayta leave your gitch on.

In other news, you now have plans this Friday.

Bob and I are back at Velvet Underground for Friday the 13th, and it's gonna be another good one.

Get over to the event page, click 'attending', & you're guestlisted.

Last time was a whole lotta fun (lemme jog yer memories) - this time will be no exception.

Spend your Friday the 13th with me - I'll be nice. I promise.

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