Friday, April 20, 2012

In The Bars With The Men Who Play Guitars, Singin', Drinkin', & Remembering The Times

I've always been pretty open about sharing my awkwardness with you folks.

I kinda sorta almost totally forgot about my first video post in 2010 where I showcased my awkwardness front & centre in order to learn how to get over it. Two years of video blogs later, and I'm still being awkward for you on a semi-regular basis.

Well, why stop now?

I wasn't going to post this. A couple of friends said I should, but I was pretty adamant in my refusal. Watching it makes me physically cringe. But... I guess I changed my mind, and want you to cringe along with me.

Awhile back I was perusing Craigslist as I do, and I saw an ad looking for someone with a "passion for music" to host a music-related webseries. They wanted a quick video explaining why each applicant would be good for the job, so I went for it. Can't hurt, right?

This is what I submitted. It's awkward. Embarrassing. Not how I wanted the clip to turn out at ALL, but I entered anyway.

And before anyone asks, no - I never heard back from them.

But after re-watching this, I really can't blame 'em! Remind me to stop making stupid faces and talking funny. Thank you in advance.

Have a great Friday, ladies 'n gents! Stay awkward! (I know I will.)

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