Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Both Erupt In Colours, Then Carve Out Our Names

Video blog time, yet again.

This time it's all about (attempted) rapid-fire questions. We're talkin' Mario & Luigi, tripods, dating, horse asses, zee Germans, the DAS (Daisy Approval System), and the winner of the Doritos JACKED giveaway.

I edited this sucker down, so it's not a bajillion minutes this time. See? I care. Sorta.

Til next time... be good, my li'l hosers.

[Main background song by Mike Bolt of From the Bridge and Seas]


Mancrab said...

Yeaaaaah me! Woo hooooo!

Brandon Pennywell said...

Yeaaaaah me! Woo hooooo!

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