Friday, May 18, 2012

I Want To Be The Girl With The Most Cake

The Friday before a long weekend calls for some random Masuka questions:

How do you explain the dichotomy of your rock girl persona with your being a normal person? How come you're not all counter-culture with ill-fitting jeans and weird colored hair?

I counter the counter-culture. Although, sometimes my jeans are accidentally ill-fitting and sometimes my hair is a weird colour (it's currently turning red - my hair dresser superwoman will soon be saving me from ginger-land).

Do I have a rock girl persona? That kinda makes me giggle when people say it. I know what you mean, but it's still funny to me. An ex used to call me "rock pig", whatever that implies.

I'm currently blogging this in a White Zombie t-shirt and a towel wrapped around my head. Not really the kinda rock chick image you want dancing on a car in your video (eh, Tawny Kitaen?).

Here I go again on my own... but this bitch won't get off my car.
For me, it's about the tunes, the bands, and the live shows. And, yeah... fine... the collection of band tshirts. But if ever you see me trying too hard to fit into any kind of specific 'culture', please... smack me. 

You can dress me in a suit and ask me to be polite, but it doesn't mean I won't be headbanging and screaming an hour later, while messaging my guitar teacher to teach me a Faith No More song so I can pretend to be awesome.

That's not a persona. It's more like a sad, sad disorder.

And hey, didn't you used to be in a band? Would there be online evidence of your front-woman leading antics?

Hahahahaha... no. I keep many secrets from the interweb. My antics are better left hidden.

Or burned and buried.

Only the bitch knows my secrets.
You're all better off not knowing.
Have an excellent long weekend, my rockpigs.

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