Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Long Legs & Burgundy Lips

It's no secret that I often drop the ball when it comes to blog fodder for this damn site. And when I do, there are two other familiar subjects who pick it up for me. One is Daisy. The other is Masuka.

People often comment to me about both of them; they each have their share of fans.

But today is not about Daisy.

Today is about a dude who is known for his pervy perviness, his love of boobs, and his ability to turn anything into a dirty comment. Gotta love him for all that. And I truly do.

But he's also a great guy, an amazing and supportive friend, and a crazy talented producer.

So, everyone join me in wishing Masuka a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, dude! Yer old! (And awesome.)

[Not to forget my dearest lady Leah, today is her birthday as well... all the things I wrote in this old 'Leah Bday' post still stand. Except maybe her age. HA!]

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