Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's So Amazing That Keeps Us Star-Gazing?

It's Mother's Day. A day all about the awesomeness of moms, and all things mom-related.

Like songs, for example.

There are a few mom-titled songs that I love to belt out and pretend no one can hear me (but they can. My sincerest apologies, neighbours). And I do it often.

One example... Danzig - Mother:

I'm certain that if any dude (aside from Glenn Danzig) decided to sing this to my parents with the intended meaning, they would immediately be belted in the face. But oh, how I love the tune.

There's also this mother-related song by Tracey Bonham. Sitting here in the apartment where I live in alone in a city different than my parents, some of it makes sense.

I like to yell this song. A lot.

Tracey Bonham - Mother Mother:

And there have been a few times that the title of this one has been completely appropriate. Like when I moved back to Niagara for a year because things got a little... rough. My mom was super supportive and awesome.

So Ozzy's song wasn't about his mom, and it wasn't exactly a happy one. Shhh, it still fits the current theme.

Ozzy - Mama, I'm Comin' Home:

But, y'see... my mom doesn't love these songs. And today is about her and all moms. I realize that there are many, many songs that mention mothers, but would my mom be happy to hear them? Would they mean anything to her?

Probably not.

So, the right song for my mom would have to be one that I know she loves. One she made sure her daughters loved. In fact, it's one that I recently printed out lyrics to, and framed on my wall.

Because it's our song:

Happy Mother's Day, mom. Love you lots.

And Happy Mother's Day to everyone else's mom, or mom-like person in their life.

They're the rainbow connections, after all.

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