Saturday, June 23, 2012

All These Fiends Want Teenage Meat

Weekend-tastic. Let it begin.

Yesterday became a Murphy's Law kinda day. Today had better be one hell of an improvement, or I'll start throwing throat-punches. Whose throats, I'm not quite sure...

So instead of a debaucherous Friday night, I stayed in to relax after a day of weirdness. A little movie action, some dog cuddles, and a mouth date with chips (thanks to Lays - and didja know that a lot of their flavours are gluten-free? Good to know while I await my allergy testing for all my stomach issues. Just in case.)

Today, however, is another story.

First off, I get a couple of days with my favourite guy in the world:

And then I get to spend  few hours with some of my favourite people.

You know our usual Full-Card Friday nights at Velvet Underground - this one is on a Saturday. Tonight, as a matter of fact. Gonna be a good one, so I hope to see you there.

I need a good time, so come have a beer (or rye, vodka... or water, or apple juice, whatever) with me and let's make this weekend a friggin' great one.

First weekend of the summer. Welcome to it, folks.

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