Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm The Next Act, Waiting In The Wings

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of seeing two of my friends tie the proverbial knot.

(Don't worry. No knots were harmed in the uniting of this pair.)

This photo may have turned out odd somehow (due perhaps to my face and the camera dueling to the death), but it shows that I managed to wear something that wasn't black - a rarity.

But no pink. Never pink.

Brought this guy as my wedding date.Why? Because he is polite and rarely late.

Mike's also my guitar teacher, so everyone should bug him to teach me how to be awesome-er. You know you wanna.

Babies. My weakness.

There's enough power in those chubby cheeks to render me useless and girly.

A reunion of some Proud FM folks, present, past, and way-way past.

I often miss working at that place, because it was full of the best people. Great memories.

Photobooth action is always a crowd-pleaser.

Does everyone have a "good side"? Because at first I was sitting on the wrong side. Then, when I rectified it, Masuka photobombed the last photo and distracted me from what may have possibly passed as a smile. That's my current excuse.

I failed.

Super duper happy for Mark & Michelle.

I am classy. Don't ever forget that.

I can only assume that in the photo above, Bob is telling Mike about the possible set list for our next night at Velvet Underground:

"Deftones, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails...."

Ok, maybe he wasn't doing that.

But still. We're back at Velvet on June 23rd, and this one's a Special Saturday Edition of the Full-Card Party.

I expect to see you there, if only so I can show you how I breakdance. (Bring crutches.)

Who wouldn't wanna party with this wonk-eyed half-drunk weirdo?

And even if you don't, well... at least the tunes will kick ass.

Speaking of tunes... Mike, the aforementioned guitar-teachin', music-man-wedding-date, is working on an awesome new intro song for the ol' video blogs, so send in your weird and wonderful questions if you have them and I'll bug Masuka for some of his pervy insight.

Have a luvverly Thursday, folks.

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