Thursday, June 21, 2012

These Lines Of Life Have Been Drawn & Can't Be Removed

The majority of people I know in Toronto are not originally from here.

I can count on one hand (maybe two) the amount of folks who were born 'n bred in the good ol' T.O. That's likely normal for bigger cities. We, the smaller city people, migrate here when looking for a bit of a change, or new opportunities.

But over the years I've noticed a lot of differences between people in Toronto and people in my hometown of St. Catharines, and many of the other cities like it. It's like there's a different mentality when you live in a major city; it's a different way of living.

A pretty familiar process in the smaller cities: Go to college/university. Fall in love. Buy a house. Have children. Repeat childbearing. Live long and prosper.

And, for the most part, everyone has all (or most) of these things accomplished before they hit the ripe old age of 30. If not? Well, they're a bit of a rebel. More power to 'em.

The Toronto way is different: People co-habitate often. They  may get married, but they also might break up. Either way, it's cool. Some have kids, but it's usually after the career is set and everything is in place. Independence is key. Some stay with the same job for 30 years; some switch paths yearly. It's all the norm. You're judged more by your neighbourhood than the size/type of property you own. Entrepreneurial spirit is valued. Everything is a competition, but everyone does their own thing at their own pace.

If you moved to Toronto (or any big city) from a smaller city or town, a quick look on Facebook will tell you exactly what I've said here.  Your hometown friends are likely inviting you to baby showers and weddings, while your big city friends are inviting you to launch parties and DJ nights. Different wavelengths - different expectations.

I'm not saying one is better than the other. They just aren't quite the same.

But I, for one, am quite happy to have both.

Because the only expectations I focus on are my own.

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