Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You Are My Center When I Spin Away

I've never had a particularly loving relationship with exercise.

Ok, so I hated it. Why the hell would I want to run around and sweat like a pig when I could sit comfortably on my ass and eat a Big Mac?


I'd like to thank my metabolism for allowing me to live this sedentary way for so long - but a good metabolism is a sneaky bitch. Sure, I didn't get fat. But I also didn't get strong. I was always fairly weak, but rarely gave more than a passing thought to that little issue.

So... what's changed?

Age, baby. Age.

The ol' metabolism is still fairly tip-top, but I'm aware that it won't always be. And when I realized that I can potentially become out of breath after walking half a block, I figured I was a waste of flesh.

So a few years ago, when I was co-habitating with an ex, we both joined the small gym across the street. Pushing each other would make us workout regularly, right? Wrong. It didn't last, and it's the only time I've ever joined a gym. I refuse.

Fast-forward to now: Do I exercise? Well, sorta. I walk Daisy for hours each day. You can say that it doesn't count, but I defy you. I also do a half-assed version of the Insanity workouts, changed enough so that I'm willing to do them. So, for me, that counts (it wouldn't for most people). But is it good enough?

Doing work with Train or be Trained has made me want to light a fire under my ass and get in awesome shape - the videos make me realize what a lazy-ass I am, and want to do something about it for once. Though I may still be thin for now, I have to get stronger. But I need to find something that fights my extreme exercise hate. And therein lies my problem.

So help me, Obi Wan... I mean... you guys.

How the hell do you exercise without hating every second of it?

Teach me your secrets. I'll give you candy.

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