Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Detours, Fences, I Get Defensive.

Apparently the internet is essential to things like blogging, emailing, and "being online" See the kinda knowledge I now possess?

So allow me to teach you all the latest things I've learned about this internet-machine, and the company who likes to hold it ransom. But first, I'll start at the beginning and accompany this rant with photos of my weekend... because I said so.

On Friday I went to a wedding. Hottest day of the year (hence my hair), but still super fun.

By this point my internet had been iffy for a week and a half. At random times throughout the day, it would suddenly shut down for hours.

Now, I run my business from home. And it's pretty much 99% internet-based. So losing internet for no reason is unacceptable. And since I don't have access to my phone either right now (yeah, yeah, don't get me started on that one), the only way I could contact Rogers was via their online Live Chat, or borrow a friend's phone.

I did both. Multiple times. And each time, they told me that either my internet was fine, or that it was suddenly fixed and I should not have any troubles again.

They lied, all of 'em.

So I spent my weekend in Dundas, Ontario, where the internet is plentiful and my bitching was minimal.

It was like a mini-vacation, though I still worked. Daisy loved every second of it.

On Monday night, when I got back home, the internet worked. I thought maybe Rogers had fixed their shit and I was in the clear (by 'in the clear', I of course mean receiving the internet that I was paying for).

Ah, so naive.

But Tuesday was another story.

Internet was on and off all morning, so I spoke to a CSR on Live Chat who told me everything was fixed, and she credited me two weeks of internet.

Not a half hour later, the internet shut right down.

After hours of waiting, I headed to a friend's house with Daisy in tow, and used his internet to talk to Rogers.

They made me livid. So I copied our conversations. Allow me to share a few gems with you...

Jon: May I have your email account?
 Kristen Goetz: I don't have one
Jon: May I have the mac rf address located  at the back of your Rogers cable internet modem?
 Kristen Goetz: I'm not at home because the internet does not work there. I had to go somewhere else in order to speak with you.
 Jon: I apologize for that
 Jon: Can you please get back to us once you are home?
  Kristen Goetz: No. I don't have internet there. How am I supposed to chat with you when I don't have internet?
 Jon: If you can not rejoin us while you are at home, you may contact Rogers Phone support at 1 888 764 3771 for further assistance
 Kristen Goetz: I don't have a functioning phone right now, which I've already told you twice.
 Jon: Is there anything else I can assist you with at this time?
 Jon: I am sorry
 Kristen Goetz: Yes, you can help me fix this issue.

 Kristen Goetz: You have all of my info.
 Jon: No I do not
 Kristen Goetz: yes. you do. I just gave it to you.
 Jon: I was unable to lacate your account using the phone number you have provided earlier
 Jon: Thank you for your patience.
 Jon: I was able to pull up your account using your address and name
 Jon: I do see your smc gateway modem is online for last 1 hour and 28 minutes
 Kristen Goetz: Online but not functional
 Kristen Goetz: As I've explained many times to every CSR and tech I've spoken to
 Jon: I am sorry to hear that
 Kristen Goetz: it is not working. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. I'd be at home, working.
 Jon: Can you please get back to us once you are home
 Kristen Goetz: No!
 Kristen Goetz: I am unable to
Kristen Goetz: are you a robot???
 Jon: I am sorry.
 Kristen Goetz: I have just told you many times that I do not have a phone and my internet does not work
 Kristen Goetz: how the hell am I supposed to contact you from my home?
  Jon: I do see your modem is online
 Kristen Goetz: IT IS NOT WORKING. That's why I'm talking to you.
 Jon: We can not fix the issue if you are not home
 Jon: let me provide you a reference number
Jon: Thank you for your patience.
 Jon: I have documented the account
Jon: Please get back to us once you are home.
 Jon: We will trouble shoot the issue
 Jon: Aside from this, Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Then he disconnected shortly after; the equivalent of hanging up on me. That was just a few snippets of a very long conversation - the whole thing is a big mess, and the dude was rude and unhelpful. In total, I spoke to around 20 CSRs and technicians at Rogers. Although I had already spoken to a tech on the phone last week who said they'd send someone out if it continued to screw up (I just had to ask), they refused to send one out.

Finally... FINALLY, last night I spoke to a tech who was not an asshole, was not unhelpful, and who did not treat me like shit. She checked everything out, determined that there are issues, and is sending a service tech on Friday.

It took two weeks, 20 reps, and lost income for that to happen? Really, Rogers? You're grossly overcharging me for THIS?

Might be time for a switch.

Man, things were a lot less stressful in Dundas. Eh, Daisy?

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