Tuesday, July 3, 2012

His Leather Jacket Had Chains That Would Jingle

Ah, the post-long weekend update. Uh-oh.

I took a blog hiatus, and have somehow ended up with 18.3 bajillion photos of the past 4-5 days. Yes, that is an exact number.

So, since I don't usually post this many photos to recount my weekend, please bear with me. And come along on a journey into the side of my brain that holds recent memory.

First off, I hit the Raptors Draft Party on Thursday (thanks, once again, to Steve).

Always a good time. While it didn't get as messy and crazy as last time, you can't go wrong with these kinda parties.

Free food, free beer, and oh - a free hat.

As the players mingled around the crowds, Amir Johnson went and played Playstation with the fans. A bit hilarious when C shit-talked him a little as he (Amir) was himself in the NBA game he was playing and had an issue with free throws. Life & video games - lines blurred!

Then the Drunken Zombie Apocalypse started coming after me, so we had to leave.

Next night, I took this dude down to the village for some Toronto Pride festivities.

Started at one of the stages for some tunes and buddies, then moved the party to my ol' stompin grounds. My old workplace, the radio station.

A Pride tradition.

Miss the place, miss the people.

Church & Wellesley - remember me? I worked in you, I lived in you, and then I left you. Sorry.

Next day I was catatonic, save for errands and a bit of balcony guitar-action.

I've fallen in love with this cute little guitar. I use it instead of my usual one because I am 5 years old.

Canada Day - Blue Jays game!

Painted people! Sweat stains! Other stuff!

The players! The game! The fans! The overpriced beer!

The CN Tower!

Some days I'm nothing more than a tourist in my own damn city.

And after the game was some much-needed friend time in the east end with two of my favourite people. See? I leave the west end sometimes!

A walking tour of the west end brought us here. I think it's the furthest west you can go without technically being in Etobicoke. Then again, what do I know?

The skyline (behind me) looked pretty great, though.

And so, to end the picture overload, I'll leave you with some cloud porn.

Goodnight, folks.


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