Monday, July 16, 2012

I Got What I Got All Despite You, & I Get What I Get Just To Spite You

This past weekend, I decided to do the opposite of what all my weekends have been for the past couple of months.

I stayed in.

No bars. No boys. No adventures or trips. Just me, my dog, and my work. It was needed.

There was a whole lotta this - couch-surfing with Piggie Smalls nearby. An uneventful and lazy-as-hell couple of days.

That is, until the rain started on Sunday

This is outside of my house.

The storm came and immediately flooded the area.

I've never seen a flood quite that crazy, anywhere I've lived. It's amazing how insane people can get in these situations. For the most part, I watched from the safety of my living room, but I was pretty compelled to dig out some waterwings and go for a dip in this newly made pool outside my front door.

I did not, however.

It's all gone now.

In other completely unrelated news, my 29th birthday is on Thursday. Nothing too monumental this year, but I'll be at Rancho Relaxo (where I've never been) watching some bands if anyone wishes to join. Info here.

It won't be a crazy night for me; I have a date with my mom and sister the next day and would like to be awake and functioning for it.

Friday the 27th is bound to be another story, though.

It's our next Full Card Friday, and I've decided to make it my week-late night of birthday craziness. They're always a good time, and this one is gonna get a wee bit over the top. So come celebrate with me! Click here for guestlist and avoid paying cover.

Enjoy yer Mughnday, ladies 'n gents.

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