Friday, July 27, 2012

I Say The Right Things But Act The Wrong Way, I Like It Right Here But I Cannot Stay

The main things I gravitate toward involve beer and music. This is no secret. When those things are put together (possibly with the addition of deep-fried food), I am pretty much at my happiest.

Rye is my runner up to beer, but live music and talented bands are right up on par with my main loves. So this post kinda falls under that category.

Canadian Club recently came out with their Mixed & Ready drinks, which I've tried and they're delicious. (Rye & gingerale = no hangovers. Trial and error.)

To kickoff this new drink, they're calling all indie bands to record a cover and reinvent a Canadian song to win:
  • Three demo songs recorded, mixed and mastered in Toronto
  • $3000 for transit to Toronto or gear

And see? Musicians like the drink too, too! Guitarman Mike is diggin' the rye & cola.

I know quite a few of you guys have bands, are singers, songwriters, etc...  so if you're interested, head over to and check out the songs you can choose to cover. (If you need help deciding, I always have an opinion on tunes. Always.)

For everyone else, those who vote for their favourite cover can win too - the chosen voter wins two Ticketmaster gift cards (valued at $300).

I'm always more than willing to be a concert partner. Remember yer pal, the Rambler, if you win.

Deadline for submissions is August 27th so get on it, folks! And send me your songs if you enter so I can post 'em and get some votes! Good luck!

And speaking of tunes...

Tonight, there will be a lot of this messed up hair due to dancing and/or interpretive headbanging.

Full Card Friday. Velvet Underground. 11pm. See yer butts there!

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