Saturday, July 14, 2012

Once You Get Bored, You're Never The Same

Well, after that superfantastical debacle of a Rogers issue, my internet is finally working again.


Functional internet makes me jump awkwardly in an uncoordinated manner. Kinda like this:

So that's one issue solved.

Bell, you're next. Currently, my phone is only able to take pictures, nothing else. And so I do. Usually of dogs. And trees. Or dogs by trees. Or trees that resemble dogs.

In other news, I'll be bringing back a re-vamped version of Ye Olde Video Blogs, complete with awesometastic new theme song and other new shtuff.

I cannot promise that any of the videos will be entertaining (I always add that disclaimer, after all), but at least I'll start posting some again, and those of you who ask why I'm not making videos will be sufficiently video'd. That is a verb now.

And so, if you like asking questions and/or hurling insults, feel free to do so yet again on Formspring, in the blog comments, on Twitter, Facebook, or by messages in bottles. But I prefer my bottles to be full of beer, so please keep that in mind.

Video blog fodder. Y'know I dig it.

To refresh your feeble memories, all past videos are on my YouTube channel: So there.

Now consider yourselves updated. Weekend mode - friggin' activate!

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