Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Name In Your Recollection, Among A Million Same

Oh, hello.

Yeah, yeah, I'm posting irregularly again. It's ok, no one cares.

I haven't been home. I left Toronto last Wednesday, and hit Fundar yet again. It's Daisy's favourite place, dontchaknow.

What, you don't spend beautiful afternoons in cemeteries with amazing views?

Then you're the weird one. Not me.

Really old tombstones are awesome to check out. I have a new-found appreciation for 'em.

Some of them make me really sad. Emotional places, those cemeteries.

Can you spot the weirdo?

Ah, there she is. Having a difficult time reading old timey 'stones, I'm sure.

That night I headed back home to St. Catharines to visit the family, hit a stag & doe, and stay horizontal for a day.

In that order. Kinda.

Since Daisy stayed in Fundar, having the time of her doggie life, I was glad to have my parents' JRT, Roxie as a stand-in. She gives high fives and is probably cooler than you.

She even sits funny. Because she's cool.

Got my hair cut and dyed before the stag 'n doe (are you bored yet?), and once again have to re-iterate how much I adore my hairdresser. I have never left there unhappy.

And that, my friends, is why I can't cheat on her with a Toronto stylist. I'm all about commitment.

Then it was back to Fundar, and back to my girly.

Reunited and it feels so good... you know the jam.

Not that she missed me whatsoever.

One day we will switch lives. One day.

Sunsets in Fundar are lovely.

Sometimes ya just gotta get away from the city.

...but then, sometimes you just have to go back.

See you tonight, Toronto. Don't wait up.

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