Friday, August 3, 2012

Cityscapes, Cities Change Before They Die

When people ask why I blog, my main answer is for nostalgia's sake. I like being able to look back over years of photos and stories, see how things have changed, and hopefully how I've changed.

But after a bit of digging today, I see that I'm friggin' wrong. Shit hasn't changed too drastically... hell, neither have I.

2012 Kris. Kind of a dick.
 First off, a quick look at my first "blog" on DeadJournal. This entry from early 2004 sounds like something I may have written yesterday, if not for the mention of blonde hair:

"oooo, it's official.....the blonde has seeped into my brain, and I'm now a complete idiot. (I know what you're thinking 'You're only realizing this NOW?!") Yes, it's true.... Last night I went onto my porch to see what the weather was like. It's a very simple task that involves opening two doors, stepping outside, stepping back in and closing these doors. A retarded monkey could do it. I, apparently, could not. As I came back inside, I slammed the sliding door (the last step in this very difficult process). Aaannnddd, I slammed it on my thumb. Screamed bloody murder, I did. 

I now have a beautiful blue & purple thumb that will not stop hurting. The bastard throbs, and it's very hard to do anything without that thumb. Moral of the story: Be nice to your thumbs. You'll miss them when they are gone."

Fantastic. I haven't evolved whatsoever. And I still injure myself daily.

2004 (2003?) Kris on the right. Awkward and likely bruised.

 This li'l ditty from MySpace in 2006 shows that Emo Kris was alive and well:

"I've decided that I hate everything. I want to move away to a place where I don't know anyone, and there's no goddamn drama. No more guys that hurt me over and over, and no more two-faced "friends". I'm so tired of bullshit. When does it get better? Oh, right... it doesn't."

Such positivity and zest for life. Surely she'll become something great, right? ....Right?!

2006 Kris. Blonde and emo. Blemo, if you will.
Meh. Oh well. At least on this blog I have pictures of dogs and beer. Cuz everyone likes dogs and beer.

Have a great long weekend, hosers!


Anonymous said...

I think that although your trip down memory lane seemed to divulge scant few of te "hopeful" changes you were seeking, it's only because iardor ten very hard to self-analyze. Akin to weight-loss, the people who see you less frequently are a much better barometer in my opinion and may relieve you of some of your sentiments toward your supposed stasis:)

Now let's drink :)


Anonymous said...

Iardor ten .....should say...It's often


kris said...

These comments only show up on mobile... can't access them. weird, this interface shouldn't show up! Youre magical.

Anonymous said...

So they say:)

I'm using UberSocial so maybe that has something to do with it.


Memphis Steve said...

I've been blogging for the same amount of time and all I can tell is that I've become less funny and more cranky lately. So encouraging.

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