Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cradle The Inspiration, It Will Leave You Writhing On The Floor

For all the work and stress, there are some pretty good positives to being self-employed.

Like the ability to take a few hours and hit the beach after working all weekend and busting ass to finish a To-Do list before noon. I was long overdue for a beach visit and considering it's 5 minutes away, that's a bit sad.

Small victories can be huge.

Summer is on its way out, folks. And it's around this time that I always start to get a bit low, realizing I didn't do all the things I planned to in the warm months.

As someone with depression and an anxiety disorder, the colder, darker seasons are my enemies. I don't adjust well, and have a tendency to stay holed up in my apartment, sad and lethargic. It's debilitating in its own way, but hey - that's life. Doom, gloom, beer.

So the point of that depressing paragraph was: GO DO STUFF CUZ IT'S SUMMER, OK?

And when you do, take me with you. I'm nice.

Now, to change focus from my mental bullshit and chemical imbalances, I came across an old question from Masuka that I never ended up using for his segments in the video blogs.

It proves that my attempt to spin some positivity on this blog (albeit years ago) was useless. Duly noted.

Dear Kristen,

Ever since your blog post a year or so back where you talk about always walking with your head down cuz you have low self worth, I noticed I did the same thing. So I have made an effort to walk with my head up looking far down the street---but I have a complaint for you:

Because of you I have started stepping in exponentially more DOG SHIT. I blame you. I demand you clean my shoes.

Love Masuka

Oh... dear Masuka.

I apologize.

If you'd like, I can prepare you with an arsenal of vanilla-scented doggie bags in case of sidewalk emergencies. It's too bad that your attempt at confident swagger was ruined by asshole dog-owners.

Maybe looking down isn't so bad after all... at least, until the streets are safe again.

At least rest assured that none of the crap you have walked upon was the bi-product of my doggie bitch. We are a responsible team.

(And, for the record, my self worth isn't low anymore. That was kinda the point. I am awesomely special like a pat on the head from a psychiatrist.)

With love,

K & D


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