Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He's Got The Answers To Ease My Curiosity

In June, I posted a short list of online grammar and spelling pet-peeves that I have. Hardly scratched the surface of it, which is good - because you all seemed to agree and told me you wanted more.

So, you've got it. Another PSA From An Asshole.

Lemme teach you some shit.
 1. Awe vs. Aw

Examples of misuse:

"Awe, your baby photos on Facebook are soooo cute!"
Oh, your name is 'Awe'? Interesting.

"I am so in awww of the earth's beauty"
Yeah. It's pretty goshdarn cute, that earth.

Word explanations:

Awe: overwhelming wonder, admiration, respect, or dread. Y'know your favorite word, 'awesome'? Yeah. It has an actual meaning.

Aw: Used to express sympathy, tenderness, disapproval, or disbelief. Being 'in aw' is like being 'in yawning noise'. You just aren't. I promise.

Aw, I am in awe of this puppy's cuteness. See what I did there? Good.
2. UFT vs. U of T 
This one is Ontario-centric, but a huge point of contention for me. So bear with me for a sec.

Examples of misuse:

"I'm a student at UFT"
UFT? Never friggin' heard of it.

Word explanation: 

U of T: It stands for University of Toronto. The sheer number of people who have decided that an F somehow represents the 'of' in the title is astounding. UFT is not a Toronto university. U of T is. If you're attending U of T and refer to it as UFT, you should be kicked the hell out and sent back to kindergarten for being unfit for Big Person School.
Ah, the elusive "of"...

3. Their vs. There vs. They're

Examples of misuse:

"I went to there house, and they're they were! Their really nice people."
Shut up, shut up, shut up! NO! Just... no.

Word explanation:

This explains it in the best way possible, and has the added bonus of other words that are brutally screwed up regularly. Read, learn, use.

 4. Irregardless not a word.

 Professor K needs to go lie down again. 'Til next time.

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