Monday, August 6, 2012

I'll Tear My Heart Out Before I Get Out

Last day of a long weekend - always feel like I should be doing something awesome. But instead of going to the beach as planned, I'm working and doing laundry.

Don't you judge me.

The weekend has been a tame one. I have failed you, exciting people of the online world.

Other than a trip to the east end to see some of my favourite people, I've been at home with the bitch, the laptop, and the incomparable Harvey Spector.

I'm so adult (read: boring as hell at inopportune times.)

However... speaking of being adult... I require your assistance.

As I mentioned in my last SuperLame Video Blog, I have an upcoming boudoir photoshoot with the awesome Jenn of JnK Imagery.

Problem is, I have no idea what to wear (or not wear, as it were), so I turn to you guys for insight and words of pervy wisdom.

What would you expect to see in a shamblin' ramblin' boudoir photoshoot? Keep in mind that I am awkward, goofy, and not unlike a 5-year old after a pack of Skittles and a Pepsi.

Help a chick out. I might actually listen this time.


Anonymous said...

Wonder woman underoos seem appropo...

Kurtys said...

Wow - using my AIM did not work properly...

Masuka said...

There's not enough room in the comment space for me to fully say what I need to. However, I do have some experience here that may help you. Being several different pairs of underwears and bras and anything that makes you feel sexy. Bring several pairs of shoes, hell bring sneakers if that's who you are. The sexy part of these shoots is embracing what makes you feel sexy, so if there's gotta be beer bottles in the shoot, so be it.

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