Friday, September 28, 2012

Promises Are Whispered In The Age Of Darkness

[This post is originally from Wednesday, Sept  26. I had to delete and re-post without photos because the site has been malfunctioning and those pictures may be the evil culprits. So here's a scary non-photo post.]

My daily conversations with Masuka often bring up some interesting topics. Some are deep, serious, and thought-provoking.

Some, as you'd likely expect, are solely about boobs.

Along the subject of breasticles and other such matters, he brought up two questions people often get asked "for fun". So obviously, I turn to you guys. And, no - these are not the deep, thought-provoking conversations as mentioned above. These are asshole topics, cuz sometimes we are assholes.

The first topic: Would you rather be young and ugly or old and hot?

Age and attractiveness. Two things the world is far too obsessed with.

When I think of Hollywood, and the older women who are still stunning and awesome, I decided that "old and hot" is a good way to go. Attractiveness can just be an attitude, and the way you project. I hope to one day be a feisty old lady full of attitude and sass.

Yup. Sass.

The second topic: If you could only have one, would you rather have an attractive body or an attractive face?

A tough one. But Masuka chimed in with his thoughts (of course):

Masuka - "You can be gorgeous and fat and people are like "yeah she would be amazing if she lost 50 lbs" It's a question we used to ask ourselves, would you rather have a girl with a big rack or a nice ass... well, you can have big rack and be 500 lbs..but a bangin' butt means you're fit and hot.

Me - "So, a better body then?"

Masuka - Hell ya.. you can fix the face with plastic surgery. you know how much lipo costs?!"

Don't know that I agree, but fine.

 So, how do you answer these asshole questions?

Young and ugly or old and fat? Attractive face or attractive body?

Go on. We don't judge.

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