Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Season Ticket On A One-Way Ride

Long weekends are often no different than any other weekends when you're self-employed.

People go off to their cottages. I work.

But this past long weekend I did manage to get home to St. Catharines to celebrate the 60th Birthday/ Retirement/ General Awesomeness of my mum.

Mama Rambler decided to celebrate on the water while my uncle's band played, just as we do every year. The family that rocks and/or rolls together, stays together. Or somethin' like that.

A blue moon came out for a beer or two.

Blue moons do that.

Please note the beads on everyone's necks. According to my aunt, if you weren't wearing beads you weren't part of the party. (And no, I did not flash my aunt. Perv.)

What, your family parties don't involve Mardi Gras beads? Pshhh...

This little girl was supercute.

She danced with all the ladies, and was very confused about Daisy's nipples. "She has bumps!"

Band in a tent.

And here is a reason why my grandma is cooler than all of you.

This is a photo of her dancing to the encore, which was AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell'. That's her jam.

Surely, you'd expect nothing less in my family.

Saturday looked like this.

Dogs. Tunes. Backyard. Rye. Slight sunburn.

Pretty much my favourite.

And look...

They aren't trying to kill each other!

No doggie blood was shed over the few days I was there. Thank Jebus.

I stand by the fact that I wish I could trade lives with one of those bitches.


Whose got the voodoo that can make this happen? I'll give you (what's left of) my black soul.

Back to Toronto, back to reality.

And for the rest of you, back to school and back to work.


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