Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Can't Resist Her, She's In Your Bones. She Is Your Marrow, & Your Ride Home

Visited Blue Mountain for the first time ever this past weekend.

Had no idea it wasn't just a winter destination. Visitors come all year long.

Why didn't you tell me?

I went with the partner-in-crime on an office trip (obviously not my own office, as The MediaHaus trips consist of Daisy and I skipping through the park like happy morons.) And so, there were a bunch of scheduled activities.

Little did I know that I would become a huge chickenshit.

Let me explain... they have these things called Eco Tours. And on these 3 hour tours (is the Gilligan theme in your head yet?), you are guided through the forest valley with activities along the way.

The photo above? That's the suspension bridge. It's 300 metres above ground. I am terrified of heights, but managed to cross this thing without too much of a freakout. Once done, I thought "oh good, I did the treetop walk. I faced a fear and didn't scream bloody murder."


The bridge was just the beginning. The treetop walk was next.

I almost avoided it completely, but was talked into giving it a try. I chickened out after the 5th platform (there were 16), as it got incrementally higher and higher and I was about to lose my mind.

Did I mention that it was cold and raining? Slippery suckers, those small wooden slats were.

Then there was cave-walking (fun) and zip-lining (couldn't hack the high one).

I failed. I'm a joke.

Soaked to the bone and messy, but happily checked into the hotel room.

Oh, how I love solid ground.

Not a shabby view from the room.

Too cold to swim, and didn't have time for the hot tubs.

I would've been ok just staying in the room for two days. Parts of it were better than my apartment.

Dishwashers in a hotel room. Ok, you win Blue Mountain.

The fireplace came in handy due to the cold weather. Where did my freakin' summer go?

I'm not ready for this. Hold me.

I won't go over every detail of the trip (for those of you that are actually still reading this far in. Oh, hi.), but we did an Iron Chef competition later that day.

That's right. Me. In a cooking challenge. Aw, hell.

Needless to say, I was the not the head chef of our group. Luckily this guy can cook.

...but that doesn't mean I didn't steal the chef's hat. Briefly.

Best part was, the challenge was held in a basement night club, complete with stripper pole.

Mmmm... tastes like glitter and regret.

I made a dip. Because I am useless.

I like to think I'm good for group morale. "Wayta fry that thingamajig! Great job on the... heating up of the... whatever it is. Yay beer!"

Didn't wanna leave.

And apparently I wasn't allowed to take the fireplace with me as a souvenir.


Bye bye, Blue Mountain. I likely will not be back to ski on you.

Because along with treetop-walking, I have no idea how to ski.

Luckily someone missed me. And was maybe wishing she had come along.
Next time, dog. Next time.

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