Monday, October 8, 2012

Call Me A Dog

I have a message for dog owners.

Not all dog owners, just the ones who haven't yet grasped a particular concept.

This is a dog:

This is a dog owner:

This is a leash, held by a dog owner:

This is a dog, wearing a leash, put on by the dog owner:


See how simple that was?

(If you are confused, please read from the top once more.)

It's very easy to put a leash on a dog, and hell - it's law. While some owners think it's awful to make their dogs wear leashes in public, some of us are ok with it. For many, our dogs are one rogue squirrel away from running right into traffic.

Thing is, a lot of dogs can get growly when they are leashed and an un-leashed dogs comes along. It's normal. And yet, the owners of these dogs always say "Oh, it's ok! My dog is friendly". Famous last words before your friendly dog bites mine. Why? Because it wasn't on a leash, and the owner couldn't control it.

So, please. Put a damn leash on your dog. They exist for a reason.

And if you're so against leashes, huzzah! You're lucky to live in Toronto.

Off-leashes are all over the city.

So until you see that sign above, please leash up your dog. Because while your dog is "friendly, perfect, wonderful, can speak 5 languages, & wouldn't hurt a fly"... other dogs might see it differently.



JamieLeighTO said...

This is my NUMBER ONE PET PEEVE. Seriously. I don't care if your dog is "fine offleash" - my dog isn't fine with your offleash dog when he's on leash. So when I yell at you to call your "friendly" and "fine" dog before mine tries to eat it and yours doesn't listen, you are giving me permission to roundhouse kick it in the face.
(Sorry, have had a bad, month with this in my neighbourhood)

Kris Goetz said...

Same here, it seems to get worse every week. People should have to get a dog owners license or something.

Mike D. said...

Does Daisy ever bite?

Kris Goetz said...

Nope. If attacked, she may bite back. But no. She's a growler, but not a biter.

Dickadjx said...

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