Monday, November 19, 2012

I'll Be Waiting With A Gun & A Pack Of Sandwiches

Growing up, my friends never liked the same music as me. I was heavily influenced by my sister's tastes, and kids my age didn't quite 'get' the harder genres I preferred. I remember once a little boy told me that he couldn't play with me anymore because his mom said I listened to "Satan worshippers", and I was going to hell.

I just might be, buddy. But at least they'll have good tunes there.

Because my tastes were different, it was always rare that I'd have people to go to live shows with me. Had I strictly wanted to see live pop acts, I'd be set. But for the most part, I was shit outta luck. I missed out.

As I got older and my tastes became a bit more eclectic (read: batshit crazy), I've been able to find some concert partners here and there. Whenever I have one who is my regular long-term concert date, it's awesome to have a person who craves live shows like I do. Before you even ask the question "Hey, wanna go see [insert random act here]?", you know for damn sure that the answer is yes. In those cases, I was pretty lucky.

That kinda thing, for me, is priceless.

So since I don't have an automatic +1 for any and all shows right now, this is a public message to my friends who are music freaks: Who wants to go to live shows with me?

Who can I bug every time there is a local act, a stadium show, or a friend's band that I need to see?

If you think dating is hard, try finding the right music partner.

It's a pretty intangible connection.

For those looking for platonic live show partners, be warned; I'm often liable to do the Elaine dance & yell made-up words.

Inquire within.


patzaph said...

While it may involve extensive travel, I would like to submit my application.

Qualifications include, but are not limited to:

Disliking sitting down at a concert.

Surviving a Slipknot mosh pit with only a small bruise afterwards.

Crowd surfing for an entire song at an Ozzy concert.

Movember fingerstache picture with Matt Good.

Singing, yelling and/or screaming along with actual or made up words.

Surviving an Ani DiFranco show that was promoted by a friend as angry lesbian bitch rock and turned out to be sit down lounge type Drew Barrymore love-in.

Copious amounts of Arrogant Worms singing regardless of show or venue.

Getting Kardinal Official to throw down his mic in anger and walk off stage. True story. I was quite pleased as were many other people who were there for the Godsmack concert. which he opened for... yeah. that happened.

Chi said...

Kind of a dick move to intentionally infuriate Kardinal just because you don't like his music. I'm willing to bet he wasn't thrilled with the booking, either (not every booking agent is a good booking agent), but was making the best of a bad situation.

Don't take pride in making others feel like shit. That makes you sub-human.

Shevy said...

I remember comingf out to visit for Christmas in Grade 8 and we were obsessed with the R&J Soundtrack and this song... but we couldn't/wouldn't listen to track 2 because of the swearing... Oh Butthole Surfers.
If I was out there I'd be down for any show... heck, once I finally make it out to visit, I'll make it a requisite!
And on a side note, I agree with Chi... if someone is getting up there and doing their thing, you don't have to like it, but you do have to respect them.

Kris Goetz said...

Ha! It's such a good soundtrack. But I DID listen to the tracks with swearing, especially in grade 8. Maybe I thought I'd get you in trouble ;)

So plan a trip, come to a show. Deal.

Kris Goetz said...

Your application has been accepted. Come to Trawnna anytime, sir. Bring the fiancee!

Kris Goetz said...

I don't disagree. But we should make him tell us the whole story. Just cuz I like stories. And I'm not sub-human, but it might be fun to be a human sub.

These are just thoughts.

Wil said...

Would pay to see Elaine dance.

eggi said...

"If you think dating is hard, try finding the right music partner."
Ha! Great words! And true!
I found my love but Im still going alone to concerts. And if my wife comes with me she wants to stay in the back. So i have too. :( If im alone im rockin the front of the stage. ^^

Kris Goetz said...

Thanks! And y'know, I just don't think I'd like going to shows alone. Especially for chicks, we get harassed a lot. Always nice to have some backup!

Kris Goetz said...

$800, please.

Christine Pantazis said...

I think I i'd be ok with the Elaine dance... I've done worse. LOL :D

Kris Goetz said...

That's how I broke my foot many years ago, but I just can't stop doing it!

patzaph said...

Whole story is that the concert happened during the whole rap-rock craze, so for whatever reason, a rap act that wasn't announced on the bill shows up before Econoline Crush and Godsmack. I was also in high school and there with a bunch of friends who were all, at the time, staunchly against anything that wasn't very loud, guitar driven rock or metal. So chalk up the yelling to that mentality. Also, you probably don't set a good precedent with the audience when you send your DJ out before the lights go down and without being announced to start scratching at full volume. Pro tip: never stand in earshot of a large speaker when that happens. You and everyone around you will not be very happy.

I won't fault him for the booking, but given that every review I read of the tour said he wasn't given much more than a tepid welcome at any stop, you'd think they'd pull him. Him opening this concert was probably on par with Project Wyze opening for Ozzy... Now I have to tell people I actually saw them live.

I also won't deny that, in hindsight and 12 years after the fact, yeah it was probably dickish. But that doesn't make it any less entertaining, especially considering that there was dead silence his his entire act and at one point he actually got down on his knees and begged the crowd to make noise. To any high school metal head who disregarded rap as an actual genre, this is pure gold. Also, many years down the road, it's good for a chuckle about Canada's 'hip-hop ambassador' because I bet it's not anything that will show up in his biography.

Kris Goetz said...

I goetz it!

WilHarrison said...

$800 my arse. I'll buy the damn ticket to the show and get the cow for free! Wait, that didn't come out right.

WilHarrison said...

Also, try playing your A chords with just your index finger like Ritchie Blackmore, and me. It's alot easier and then you can use your middle, ring and pinkie to make pretty pull offs and hammer ons and such.

Don't fret (fucking lolz), you'll get the hang of it.

Kris Goetz said...

Dunno if I can swing that. My guitar teacher left me, so I'm a bit lost! I'll just make up new damn chords.

Anonymous said...

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