Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shame On Me For The Ruse, Shame On Me For The Blues

It's been awhile since we heard from our friendly neighbourhood perv, Masuka. He's a busy man, and I've also been too busy to make video blogs that he's always featured in. There's one on the horizon.

But in the meantime, a Masuka question to tide the perv-fans over:

Dear Kristen, 

According to a recent survey, over 90% of women have the wrong sized bra on... And it's usually way too small. Can you explain this to me? I would think you would want to lie and say you have giant big 'uns not sell yourself short.  



Dear Masuka,


From what I have heard, as a regular bra wearer and a female-type person, you are correct. The majority of women are supposedly wearing the wrong sized bra.

But y'see... it's not our fault. Not all bras are created equal. We may be one size according to Victoria's Secret, but another at La Senza. And if your size is a rare one? Well, you're shitta outta luck.

Apparently we should all be getting our breasticles properly sized at fancy shmancy lingerie places, but the last time a sales chick started poking at my parts, I kinda wanted to punch her and yell "PERSONAL SPACE! PERSONAL SPAAAAACE!" and then run away. Maybe that's just me. I also hate shopping, so that's fitting. ("Fitting". There's a bra pun for ya.)

As for lying and saying we're a size or two bigger than we are, that's just silly. It's not about size so much as it's about what they look like, and we all want them to look goshdarn fantastic. And that's why the right fitting bra is important.

I know this. I read it on a pamphlet once.

So there you have it, Masuka. A boob-related blog post, just for you. Now please... stop hanging out in lingerie stores.




Alyson Shane said...

Pre-breast reduction I was constantly wearing the wrong bra size because my massive cans were too big for any 'regular' bra to handle. So, I get that.

Protip: get measured at each store you go to (La Senza, VS, etc) and keep notes in your phone for reference. S'what I do.

Kris Goetz said...

Smart girl. I seem to mostly hit La Senza, so luckily I know the sizes there. (I thought of you when I wrote this, btw! Due to the reduction, etc.)

Anonymous said...

I will gladly help any ladies measure their boobs.

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