Monday, January 7, 2013

Dispute The Suits I Ignite, & Then Watch 'Em Burn

For my last video blog, Masuka asked a question that I then turned over to you guys:

Everyone has their price: it's that magic number that you will accept to do ANYTHING. 
What's yours? 

The problem with me asking a question in the middle of a video blog is that it gets buried and forgotten by the end of the clip. So I'm asking it again, this time in good ol' regular blog form. Typed out on the computer-machine, like the pioneers did it.

What would you do for this shiiiiny penny?

Considering how important money is to all of us (don't lie, you know it is), I'd imagine that a lot of us would do just about anything for the right amount. If it meant never having to work another day in your life - no more getting yelled at by your asshole boss, no more catty office-mates, no more asking if strangers "want fries with that" - it's worth quite a damn lot.

Never having to worry about bills is huge enough but for someone (like me) who is self-employed, the idea of not having to stress incessantly about the future is immeasurable.

When I threw the question up on Twitter, Nick's response hit the nail on the head:

It's all about dignity.

So how much would you need to be paid in order to sacrifice your dignity in exchange for wealth?

And what would you do for that magic amount? What's your limit?


Nick S said...

Should note that I see a difference between making a fool of one's self, and giving up one's dignity.

Kris Goetz said...

Dignity would hafta cost more ;)

Mike D. said...

Ok, now I'll answer. The price would have to be enough for me, my family and my friends to not ever have to worry about money again. and I would do anything that didn't hurt other people.

Kris Goetz said...

Good answer. I'll copy that.

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