Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm The Dirt Beneath Your Feet, The Most Important Fool You Forgot To See

If you've been on the internet at all, you know that today is "Let's Talk Day", a day where Bell donates to mental health initiatives whenever their hashtag is used, & when Bell customers text or make long-distance calls. It's a day to "talk about mental health".

While there's some backlash because it can be seen as a marketing scheme (and a damn effective one, at that), I am all for anything that encourages the public to be open about mental health.

Marketing or not, Let's Talk.

As you likely know, I blog often about the fact that I've been dealing with depression and an anxiety disorder for a very long time. In fact, I don't think there was ever a time they weren't a big part of my life. Reading things I wrote when I was as young as 8, I see that the depression and anxiety were always a factor. I just didn't understand what they were.

When I was younger I was ashamed of the way I felt, and believed something was terribly wrong with me; I was so different from everyone. I thought that people would view me negatively if they knew I wasn't "normal" like others. And because I remember how that all felt I've made a point, as an adult, to be open about my disorders. There shouldn't be stigmas - these things say nothing about our value as people, but they're the things we suffer from every day. And sometimes we need help.

I've done the medication thing. I've done the therapy thing. I've done the exercise, the creative outlets, coping mechanisms, and everything else we are told can help things like depression and anxiety. While some of these may help alleviate the symptoms, those who suffer from these disorders usually have to deal with them for life. We do our best to find ways to cope. For me, because of the past year I now know that I'm capable of being happier and more in control, and right now I'm striving to feel that way again.

Everyone is different - but we all have something to deal with.

Find comfort in small things.
I'm glad to see people are taking part and talking about it. But I hope the conversation will continue past "Let's Talk Day", and become something we're always open about. I have been talking about my own disorders, breakdowns, and low days for years and I'm not ashamed of it anymore.

So keep talking. We're listening.


Mike D. said...

I love this, Kris. You are just awesome.

Kris Goetz said...

Thanks, dude!

Anonymous said...

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