Friday, April 19, 2013

The Closer I Get, The Further I Have To Go

For the past while, as my stomach condition appears to have worsened, I've been really concentrating on eating well. And yes, that also means I've been cooking.

Me too.

While more tests and doc visits are still to come before I can really know what's wrong and can start to get healthy, I've been cutting down and cutting out certain foods. Me & lactose (mostly) broke up in favour of the awesomeness of almond milk, and I've been trying to bring myself to say goodbye to gluten. That one is difficult. Heartbreaking even.

Breads, pasta, baked goods, beer (!) are pretty much my favourite things. So gluten-y. So delicious. So potentially bad for me. And so here is where I need your help.

Thanks, dude.
While it's easy enough to scour the ol' interwebs and find an insane amount of gluten-free, lactose-free, healthy recipes to replace my usual favourites, I'd rather hear recipes and tips from actual people. You awesome people, in fact. So for those of you who cook, or who have special dietary needs and know the best places to go, your guidance would be much appreciated.

Help me (get healthy), Obi Wan. You're my only hope.


Brimahitte said...

There's an AMAZING bakery in Dundas called "Ya'd Never Know" that my mom and I frequently ship at. You really would never know that their products are all gluten free, they're delicious. A fair amount of gluten free products make me very sad as they are disgusting. You can also substitute rice and potato flour for regular flour a lot of the time. Beer I still splurge on sometimes - it has no reputable sub. And chef Michael on the food network has a wonderful gluten free chocolate chip recipe on his website.

Anonymous said...

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E said...

There's a couple of gluten Free breweries, Heady Brew based out of Richmond Hill, they do like an apple cider meets beer kind of thing, it's pretty solid. And Nickelbrooke has a gluten free brew forget the name. They also have the coolest beer name "Old Kentucky Bastard Bourbon Ale"

Hope you feel better, and we can grab a brew or 2!

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