Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Park That Car. Drop That Phone. Sleep On The Floor. Dream About Me.

Arts & Crafts celebrated their 10th anniversary by putting together the Field Trip festival - a day of art, food, and most importantly music. Capping off a day of amazing acts from the A&C roster, Broken Social Scene reunited for one blowout show.

Whether this is a one-time festival or not, we can't be sure. But in the interest of this ever-hopeful music fan, I present to you The Shambled Guide to the Field Trip Fest (Complete With Terrible Photos):

1. Get a partner who will understand your need to become an uberfan for certain acts (*cough* Hayden *cough*).

2. When the ticket-taker puts your wristband on, don't play with the damn thing. You'll make it irreversibly tighter and cut off circulation to your hand, thus inhibiting your clapping, arm waving, and even some of your swaying. Rookie move.

Cold Specks

3. Realize early on that Cold Specks is infinitely cooler than you will ever be.


4. Taking a photo with the CN Tower in it doesn't make you touristy, it makes you a person. Who is in Toronto. With a camera. In this case, it's not my fault that the tower is directly behind where Zeus was playing.

5. When you don't bring a blanket (against the Field Trip website's advice), you can't be concerned about grass stains on your ass after you sit down. Embrace the grass stains. And then use a proper stain remover after said embracing.


6. When your sightlines are imperfect and your camera is merely a phone function, your photos of Hayden (or any other artist) will turn out like this. If you're gonna cry about it after, cry while listening to "Us Alone". On vinyl, if you have it. In the dark. And remember that this is the second of three times you'll see him in less than a month, and both times were awesome. (Ok, so this one became a personal reminder....)

Bloc Party

7. Bloc Party is a hell of a lot better than I ever realized. Be completely open to the possibility that you're gonna dig many bands more than you did previously after a festival like this.


8. Scheduling is important when there are two different stages. In this case we caught some of Stars before ducking out early and seeing Dan Mangan, then leaving during his last song to catch Feist. Compromise, scheduling, and walkable footwear - all key factors.
Cupcakes that only come in dozens

9. Cupcakes are now a concert food. And somehow they go surprisingly well with beer.

10. Food choices at festivals are very important. For example, butter chicken and waffles? Smart. Tasty. Interesting. Eaten in a bowl. A crepe with bananas and Nutella? Terrible idea. Especially if you're like me, because then the messy crepe will explode all over you, your clothes, and your purse just as Bloc Party takes the stage. Not so good, Al.

Dan Mangan

11. Robots need love, too. And they want to be loved by you. 

12. Festivals like this one are very family-friendly. Expect to "aww" a lot at the cute little people dancing, playing, and running around. If I had kids, I would've wanted them to experience that too.


13. Fences = good for watching acts from a pretty close range, bad for photos.

14. Feist makes me want to change my last name. But if we ever became a duo, we could be "Getz Feist-y", which would be both awesome and terrible. These are the things that occur to you during concerts. Or just me.


15. Sometimes terrible pictures serve no purpose other than to remember that you were there. In this case, I've managed to make Leslie Feist look like as though the chick from The Ring started a band, and all these people are gonna die in 7 days. Sorry, folks.

Broken Social Scene

16. A really amazing set can make the pain in your feet, back, and wrist (damn tightened wristband) all go away. Or, at the very least, more tolerable. Broken Social Scene made me forget that I was old and sore, and captivated the hell out of me. Pretty inspiring, and absolutely fantastic.

Broken Social Scene

17. Toronto is awesome. The musical talent we have here and all around Canada is astounding. If Field Trip became a yearly thing, I can only assume it would feature some more of the best this area has to offer, and give a real sense of community to a music and arts festival. That's what this one did. And Broken Social Scene really drove that feeling home.

18. Festivals are fun. Even when you feel old and sore the next day, it was well worth it. Now please excuse me, I need a nap and an advil.


ghost said...

warped tour is just around the corner. but it's texas. and summer. it's gonna be as hot as satan's balls.

Kris Goetz said...

Who is playing this year?

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