Friday, June 7, 2013

The Smile Is Red & It Shines So Black, I Don't Think I'll Be Coming Back

Tomorrow kicks off what is shaping up to be a summer filled with tons of live acts for me - so much so, in fact, that I'm giving it a name and a hashtag. Yup, you read that correctly.

The Summer of Music (okay, maybe not the most creative of names) is happening, and I want you guys to share your live shows as well. So when you post photos or updates about concerts this summer, add #thesummerofmusic hashtag to it. And forgive me for putting a hashtag in a blog post, considering how much I bitch about those who hashtag on the wrong platforms - you know who you are, hashtagging Facebook-ers.

This is a guitar. It plays music. See how it marginally fits this post's theme?

Tomorrow is the Field Trip festival, featuring the reunion of Broken Social Scene, along with Feist, Hayden, Dan Mangan, Stars, etc... then next week comes The National, Wintersleep, plus the rest of the NXNE shows, and then Osheaga in August. That's the plan thus far, and it's growing.

Collectively, this is becoming musical Christmas for me.

And after this Summer of Music, the fall has some more amazing concerts to come. Local Natives in September and a little band called Nine Inch Nails will be here in October. I may have danced around my living room at that news.

To tide you over here's the new NIN tune. Let The Summer of Music begin!

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