Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All Five Horizons Revolved Around Her Soul, As The Earth To The Sun

In case you didn't know, Toronto had a pretty major storm the other night, causing severe flooding all over the GTA and resulting in a great deal of blackouts. As internet-savvy as all of you surely must be, you've probably seen the photos.

Me? I got too cocky. As people all over were experiencing the blackouts, I maybe boasted that I still had power. My Facebook status said "I'm lucky to still have power (knock on wood). Hope everyone is safe."

Spoke too damn soon. Knocking imaginary wood is useless, in case you weren't aware.

The next day Daisy & I had a fun photoshoot with the amazing Sandra Stephenson (more on that later), and when I came home to drop off the dog and change outfits, the power was out. Whoops. And since my cell battery was also dying, I was about to be completely disconnected.

So, as someone who was absolutely unprepared for any type of blackout, here's what I did to pass the power-less time:

- No TV and no internet make Kristen something something. But wait... books! I love books. So I finished two, and started a third. You guys can have your E-readers - I like pages.

- There was no beer in my apartment, but there was a cranberry vodka drink from Black Fly Booze. (Thanks Black Fly!). It was delicious. Not over-sweet, and what goes better with a blackout than vodka? Nothing.


I shouldn't be allowed to wear white at all, never mind consuming things while wearing white. This happened with the first sip. Power outage outfit change! Hell, at least it passed some time.

I was smart enough to know that I should only wear clothes that matched the drink. Lesson learned.

- Since I was a mess and not being entertained by technology, I did one of my secret favourite things. I cleaned my apartment. Yes, I have a deep love for cleaning products. Shhh.

- Daisy was unamused by everything I did, especially since my apartment was so hot.  She stayed in her dead dog pose for most of the night, except when I ate food.Then I suddenly became incredibly interesting.

- Assuming that my power would be out all night, I tried to eat the food that would go bad and move other things to the freezer. This made for the weirdest dinner ever, and a bunch of strange frozen items (that should not be frozen) since I forgot to move them back once the power came back on.

I blame the heat for my stupidity lately.

 - Y'know what's good during a blackout? A flashlight! Y'know what I do not own? Yep. No flashlights in my apartment anywhere. So I turned my place into a fire hazard instead.

 Luckily the power in my neighbourhood came back on by 10pm - I was very fortunate.

Others were not so lucky, and some are going on three days without any power in their homes.

If you are one of those people and you need anything, please be sure to let me know.

Fingers crossed that everyone's power is returned today.


Beardy McBeard said...

I'd rather have the Black Fly than beer. But, shhh, don't tell anyone.

Four of those and I'd be on fire.

Pat Zaph said...

You know, you should have a "Caption the Daisy Picture" thing and see what happens.

Kris Goetz said...

I'll get you some Black Fly, you teach me guitar stuff.

Kris Goetz said...

Which photos would be best, though?

And what would ya caption this one?

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