Friday, July 5, 2013

What Might Have Been Lost

Anyone who has visited ye olde rambler site lately and read this post has said the same thing - "move immediately!". I hear ya loud and clear. And trust me, I'm trying.

But I had forgotten how frustrating apartment hunting can be when you actually HAVE to move. It's a fun pastime while you're sitting in a place you like living in. Whole different story when you need to get out as soon as possible and nothing seems to fit right.

Toronto skyline from years ago.

While the majority of my searches still seem to focus on the Toronto neighbourhood that suits me most, there's still part of me that wants to get the hell outta dodge completely.

And so I hit Padmapper and start in Niagara, making my way up the QEW to hunt for apartments along the way, mainly in St. Catharines and Hamilton (note that each city has a pretty good music scene), before stopping in Toronto and wanting to punch my laptop screen when I see the rent costs.

Sunset in St. Catharines. Took this photo last night.

A bit of perspective for ya. I can get a 3 bedroom house on a nice St. Catharines street for only slightly more than what I pay for my cute little one-bedroom in a great neighbourhood in Toronto. 

And in Hamilton, a much bigger 2 bedroom apartment is a couple hundred dollars cheaper than my current one.

Did not take this one. Stolen for interweb's sake.
So I get frustrated. Do I stay in the city/neighbourhood I'm in and pay the stupid high costs so I keep
what I'm familiar with? Or do I move somewhere cheaper and save money for things like a car, old debts, a pet giraffe... but lose out on the great Toronto stuff and have to travel into the city every so often for work?

I'm doing my best to welcome the challenge, but this is when being solo makes things tougher. Having someone in this with me to weigh in on a big decision would be fantastic. Sadly, Daisy has still not spoken up.

Rock, paper, scissors anyone? I'm serious. Best outta three.


Danger Owl said...

some really cheap, beautiful places in Fonthill!

Pat Zaph said...

Obviously, the correct choice is to sell all worldly possessions, dress like a hippie, jump on a bus to the West Coast, and live out the rest of your life with Daisy the Hippy Dog somewhere in one of the organic shanty towns on Vancouver Island.

Kris Goetz said...

Cheap? Really?

Kris Goetz said...

Done! That was easy.

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