Thursday, July 18, 2013

You Know I Dreamed About You For Twenty-Nine Years Before I Saw You

Tomorrow ends my reign as a twenty-something chick... 30 is comin' for me.

It's funny how people react when they hear you're turning 30. For some reason that age in particular has become a big deal, as though we're all supposed to have accomplished amazing things by now. Truthfully, I'm not at all where I planned to be by my thirties. Not even remotely close. And I've recently (finally) decided that's just fine.

Me at 30. And 25. And yeah, 20.

30 is not a death sentence. It doesn't mean I'm getting too old to get married, have kids, get tattoos or go bungee jumping. (Though, let's be honest, I will never go bungee jumping. I'm going to try rock climbing, let's not push it.) I'll be saying the same thing about 40. There are no strict rules or guidelines we have to follow, our only real limitations are the ones we continue to put on ourselves, and each other, and I'm getting pretty tired of that.

See? I'm a grouchy old broad already!

People seem to like any opportunity for a fresh start - a new year, new age, new month. Sometimes even just a new week, to say "everything changes now." Well, I'm doing the same. Turning 30 means putting all the bad decisions & situations of my twenties behind me and hoping not to look back, while still appreciating the really great parts of the decade. And although it's just another date on the calendar and truly means nothing, it's as good an excuse as any to be symbolic, if only for myself. Live 'n learn, and other cliches.

So check ya later, twenties. Bring on my thirties, I'm friggin' ready.

Age is... precious.

And for the first week of my thirties, I'm going off the grid. Headed up to a cottage with no internet, no cell service, nothin'. My first actual vacation in many, many years, so here's hoping that I remember how to relax. I'm sure beers, bonfires, fishing & swimming will help me remember quickly.

Have a great Kris- free week, folks!

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