Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I've Been Dreaming About Mountains, & You've Been Dreaming About Gold

Last Friday, The Wooden Sky teamed up with SummerWorks and put on a fantastic show with an awesome format - a travelling concert.

We started off at Lower Ossington Theatre, where they played a few songs then started walking through the streets as the show continued. With band members interspersed through the crowd, we walked through alleys and streets of Toronto and they kept on playing.

Then we stopped again and sat in the grass as a few more songs were played to a captivated audience.

The atmosphere at this show was unlike any other I've ever been to - and I go to see a lot of bands. Every single show-goer was completely immersed in the whole thing and having an absolute blast.

I brought along a good friend who had never listened to The Wooden Sky before. Throughout the night, he kept turning to me and saying "Thank you for bringing me, this is amazing."

He's now a lifelong fan. Especially after he bonded with Gavin (the lead singer) over their matching glasses before the show. He quite possibly developed a mancrush then & there.

After, they jumped on a truck and some of the crowd pushed them around the streets as they played.

At the next stop, sparklers were given out as more songs were played.

This whole show was actually pretty romantic and surreal. All the couples were having an amazing date night.

Second last stop near CAMH, on what looks to be a loading dock for "Real Food for Real Kids".

Here, they passed out bottles of whiskey which the crowd was more than happy to accept. I'd post the photos of me and my whiskey bottles.... but frankly, they're not pretty. Use your imaginations.

...on second thought, please don't.

After we wandered the streets around Ossington/Dovercourt & Queen, we hit our last stop - the lower level of The Great Hall (also known as Blk Box).

There, they did two more sets. (I'd say they were 'fantastic' again, but I'm pretty sure you got the picture.)

The night consisted of about 3 and a half hours of music. That's a pretty stellar evening for a music freak.

Overall, a memorable night.

Honestly one of the coolest live show experiences I've had. If you ever come across a show like this again, I urge you to go. Actually, I insist. And please, bring me with you.

I threw a quick video together to give you a feel for the show (including a little Tom Petty action as their finale).

They're shitty quality phone clips, but you get the idea:

And if you don't yet know The Wooden Sky - fix that here.


ghost said...

fixing it now.

Kris Goetz said...

Excellent. Hope you dig 'em.

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