Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Setting Fire To Our Insides For Fun, To Distract Our Hearts From Ever Missing Them

Last week, Canadian Club and Matchstick sent me off to Montreal to capture Friday's lineup at Osheaga with a GoPro.

Go to a musical festival I've never been to in a city I've never been able to visit? Yeah. I'm in.

It was only my second trip via flight, so I was slightly worried that my fear of heights would get the best of me. I don't think I did too badly.

I'm ready for more trips.

Plane beer is better than bus beer - it's a proven fact.

We got caught in the rain and ended up at this awesome restaurant, Jardin Nelson. Unfortunately, monsoon weather decided to show up and all the diners had to grab their plates and move to covered tables.

Since the rain was crazy, we stopped into City Hall and caught part of the tour.

I learned stuff. Then promptly forgot it.

I loved the streets in Old Montreal.

I haven't stepped foot in a church in a long, long time. But this time I did willingly.

Chapelle Notre-Dame-De-Bon-Secours was absolutely gorgeous. If all churches looked like this, maybe I'd actually attend sometimes.

But eventually we got down to one of the best parts of visiting Montreal - the beer.

Some Unibroue action at Bières Et Compagnie (because Trois Pistoles is my favourite).

And, of course, the food. Beers and poutine at Frite Alors.

We wandered around all day, as I was a first timer, but eventually the rain got to be too much.

So we packed 'er in, and got ready for Osheaga the next day.

Prepping for a music fest calls for a good breakfast. Behold, the best sandwich ever at Thé mon Café:

Then we finally tracked down the Canadian Club stuff in our hotel.

Like glasses...
And this:

And off we went.
Bonjour, Osheaga!

We started off with K-OS... I'd put his picture here, but he came on, performed half a song, then said "I'm sorry, but I love music too much to do this." and walked off-stage. Apparently there were sound issues, but that wasn't the best way to handle it.

Luckily, Daughter played through the sound problems.

I love Elena Tonra. I have a giant girlcrush on her, and she did not disappoint during the live show.

They were fantastic.

Bowing a Les Paul like Jimmy Page - it's the little things that make me happy.

My sister kept laughing at me because I paid too much attention to the guitars that were being played. Seems every band had a Gretsch in their guitar arsenal. Some pretty cool ones.

I wish I got this on video - they were giving out free IOGO if you caught it out of the machine. The guy running it made my sister yell a few things in the microphone, including "I like your real fruits!" and then this was her making the catch.

Oh, Lianne La Havas.

She is incredibly talented, put on an awesome set, and even covered Radiohead. She is also a babe.

Two Door Cinema Club. The singer reminded us of Conan O'Brien with a nose ring in a suit.

That is not at all insulting. Complimentary, actually.

In a huge crowd of "Brahs" for Ellie Goulding.

It was hot, it was crowded, and some guys were just ignorant and terrible.

But Ellie was great. High energy show, and a good backing band.

They had a "chill" area, where people could sit by the water, lie in a hammock, hang out in adirondack chairs, and use free wifi under pretty twinkling lights.

We nearly fell asleep.

I'm pretty sure that's Phoenix.

Don't judge me, I lost track of my photos.

Beach House.

They sounded really good, and there wasn't a huge crowd for them. I'm happy they played "Norway" before we had to head out to catch a bit of The Cure.

They've been going since the 70's, but Robert Smith sounds the same. I was pretty impressed.

Not impressed by all the weird moths at Parc Jean-Drapeau, however. It's hard to dance or sing along when these strange bugs kept flying into you.

And that was Friday at Osheaga.

We somehow managed to meet up with our cousin who we haven't seen in years, and had a delicious brunch (and beers) with him at Le Cartet.

Look at that brunch. Half of it is hidden. But also please note that fruit was involved.

And that's that. My first trip to Montreal & Osheaga over. (Stay tuned for the Canadian Club video.)

Au revoir, Montreal!


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Le Woo!

Beardy said...

Oh God, how was the poutine?

Kris Goetz said...

Beardo, it was delicious.

Shevy said...

Funny... Daughter - Youth came on just as I was reading this. xo

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