Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Close My Eyes Just To Look At You, Taken By The Seamless Vision

Went home to St. Catharines last week for a bit of a break from the city, the doctor's offices, and the never-ending apartment hunt. My parents' house is where I go to take a breather - it always helps.

But aside from spending time with family, friends, and my two favourite bitches (see photo below before assuming I consider my friends bitches), I also finally visited a few places in Niagara that have been receiving a lot of attention lately. Places I've been meaning to get to, but hadn't been able to yet.

See? Bitches.

Everyone knows that Niagara is wine country - and yeah, that remains true.

But this trip wasn't about wine. Instead, we visited the other alcohol-related spots that have become popular. To start, Silversmith Brewing:

Here, we tried a few different beers, including their best-known German-style Black Lager (Schwarzbier). With some local eats (and more Black Lager), it was a great place to sit for a pint.

They're located in an old church, and the stained-glass windows still remain.

Next time, I'll be taking some Black Lager to go.

Second stop - Oast House Brewers.

Awesome spot, in a big red barn on Niagara Stone Rd. Before this, I had only tried the Saison during a concert at a winery, but this time I got to sample a few more and see what the fuss was about.  (And yes, everyone who recommended Barn Raiser is right - it's a good time.)

Last, but not at all least, was Dillon's Distillers.

Sampled some gins, white rye, vodka, and bitters. They use local ingredients, including Niagara wine grapes that would otherwise be discarded. Kinda awesome.

Yeah, you can sense the excitement.

So if you're in Niagara anytime soon (or you live there, since I still have readers who do), go check them out. And then bring some to me!

Til next time, Niagara. Keep the beer cold.

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