Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If You Love Me You Will Find, There's Nothing Left Between The Lines

Since the days have gotten colder, the nights start earlier, and everyone is freaking the hell out over Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (I've never had one), you'd think that festival season was over, right? Out with a bang after Riot Fest?

Well, you'd be wrong. Festival season still has some glorious life in it.

Last weekend saw what appeared to be a really successful Supercrawl in Hamilton (did you go?), and this upcoming weekend brings two more festivals to our west end Toronto 'hoods: The Junction Music Festival and the Bloor Ossington Folk Fesitval.

Rejoice, music fans. Re-friggin'-joice.

The Junction Music Festival takes place on September 21st in (where else) The Junction area of Toronto.

The awesome lineup includes Dinosaur Bones, Zeus, Cuff The Duke, Friday Night Trend, Elos Arma, Chris Staig (who I recommend you go see - had he not taught me, I may have never learned the Gadd9 chord. Ha!), and many other great acts. Not to mention the vendors and the food.

Every time I visit the Junction, I love it even more. I have no doubt this festival will be a damn good time.
The Bloor Ossington Folk Festival is in its third year, and it runs from September 20-22. I'm pretty sure you can guess what part of the city it takes place in, one I prefer to call the Bl-Ossington area. Rolls off the tongue.

Locations include some local venues (Saving Gigi, Baltic Avenue, Studio 835, etc.) with the main focus at Christie Pits park - two stages will be set up, along with vendors, a beer garden and buskers.

There is a lot of talent showcased at the folk festival - some that stick out for me are Taylor Knox, By Divine Right, Bidiniband and CATL. But the entire lineup is fantastic. And just like the Junction Music Fest - it's all free!

I'll be doing my best to visit both, but I'll also be at the Local Natives show on Saturday. Which acts will you be going to see?

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