Tuesday, October 15, 2013

May Not Live Another Life, May Not Solve A Mystery

It's the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving long weekend. If you're Canadian, you don't want to think right now. You don't want to be at work, you don't want to have to function - hell, you can't function. You want to sleep off the 4 turkeys you had over the weekend, and try to forget about how your Aunt Marge called you "handsomely pear-shaped".

While I'm not your boss and I can't allow you to fall into a tryptophan-induced coma at your ergonomically correct desk, I can share some new music with you to at least help you through the day.

And that's somethin', right?

First up - PJ fans rejoice (because if you didn't know, Pearl Jam has the most supportive/diehard fans ever. Right, Ten Club-ers?), their latest studio album is officially out.

It's been on iTunes for awhile now, but today was the official album drop. And for those wondering, Lightning Bolt is not on Rdio just yet. Soon, my pretties. Soon. [Edit - as of today (the 16th), it's up!]

I've been reading some very mixed reviews, as it seems people don't quite know what to make of this album. I'll admit that I haven't yet listened, but as usual I'll be my own judge. I tend to have faith in Eddie & co.

What did you think? (Listen here.)

Next, we're getting a lot more local.

If you'll recall, I've mentioned A Book For Wanderers on the site before, with the album release. Well, there's a new song out now, featuring another name you've seen on here - Serena Pryne, from The Mandevilles.

That's like two awesome local bands for the price of one.

Give the song a listen, and stay tuned for a second album release in the near future. Also check the Facebook page for tons of upcoming shows.

What are some other new tunes you've been listening to?

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