Friday, November 8, 2013

And If I Had One More Whiskey, Everything Would Have All Slipped Away

Earlier this week I had the chance to be a fly on the wall (ok, so it was a couch) at what can only be described as an intimate living room concert, featuring Hayden, Brendan Canning, and other talented artists. It was the soft launch of  Fat Fat Sounds, a "community based, high-resolution (no MP3 or CDs) not-for-profit record label".

Yes, I've seen Hayden a few times this year. But it's a pretty cool experience, as a fan, to watch a musician sit a couple of feet away from you and play to a small, quiet crowd. Plus two dogs, if we're getting technical.

It has a whole different feel, one I've always loved when it involved friends/boyfriends/random talented strangers playing similarly in my living room or someone else's.

Thanks to Rasam (my music-fan +1 for the evening) for taking some photos & letting me steal them all.

My knee is the unknowing co-star of these pictures.

Brendan Canning played a couple of songs off of his new solo album, You Gots 2 Chill.

Like Hayden, I've seen Brendan perform a few times this year as well - with Broken Social Scene at Field Trip, with Edwin Huizenga at The Wooden Sky show, and then here. There's really nothing better than seeing a musician play very different types of shows and venues. It adds even more depth.

Rasam's panoramic shot of the crowd and Noah Mintz as he played a tune to end the night.

(It also made me wonder why I never got my sister's old hHead shirt when I took custody of her band tshirt collection... hmm, sister?)

And so, the living room show was over.

Back to my usual living room concerts, which look something like this:

Definitely not the rapt audience I would hope for, nor the talented musician anyone would actually want to hear.

But c'est la vie. Something to work toward, perhaps.Because living room shows are pretty darn rad.

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