Saturday, November 23, 2013

And In A Wide Sea Of Eyes, I See One Pair That I Recognize

Today is Daisy's BirthAversary.

I know I post pretty much the exact same thing every year, but that's only because my pigdog is awesome.

Daisy 5 years ago, when camo was still cool.

5 years ago today, I got her (in what I now refer to as "The Great Crackhouse Rescue of '08"). That's 5 years of this little chick being my partner in crime.

I may not know for sure how old she is, or when her actual birthday is - but I do know that my Piggie Smalls deserves her day. She's the best, after all.

Happy BirthAversary, girl.

Daisy today, being bribed to stay. PigDogs hate cameras, everyone knows that.

(And if anyone wonders, I think we're pretending she's 8. Or 7. Ok, I have no idea...)

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