Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Christmas Your Arse, I Pray God It's Our Last

Well, it's December (or Decem-Bert, as I've now dubbed it).

We're into the Christmas countdown, for those that celebrate.
Last year, Daisy learned to hate Santa.

While I may not get into the holidays like I used to, with a two-month countdown, infinite lists, and overdone decorations, the past couple of years have found me re-gaining my spirit.

So on Sunday, I watched Bad Santa, decorated my apartment with a few items (and managed to break an ornament with my hair - that takes skill, alright?), and I think I'm getting into a Christmas state of mind.

The Goetz girlies with awesome head-wear.

The next few weeks will be a whirl of plans - gifts, figuring out when I get to go home, making lists of awesome things to cook and bake (because apparently my somewhat recent affinity for cooking has turned me into a crazy person)... but it's missing something.

A Christmas playlist. The perfect one, no less.

I need to curate the best Christmas/Holiday-related song list ever, and I want your help doing it. So wontcha help a chick?

We'll start the list off with some of my perennial Christmas tunes:

The Pogues - Fairytale of New York:

I post this every year at Christmas, and I'll likely do it yet again this year. You can argue that this song isn't overly Christmas-y due to the "old slut on junk" and her "scumbag maggot", but I like it.

Trans-Siberian Orchesta - Carol of the Bells:

Carol of the Bells is one of my favourites as it is, but this version also appeals to my regular music tastes. Rock and/or roll, reindeer-style.

Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis:

A classic. Well, at least for anyone around my age.

So what would you add to this list? What are your must-have tunes for this time of year?


Coco Puff said...

I just wanted to share one of my favourite tunes from one of my favourite bands, Glasvegas. I love his heavy Scottish accent.


The other one I love by them (which is not a Christmas-y tune or anything) is:


They are awesome live. Not sure if it'll be your thing...but hope you enjoy.

TJ said...

Hey Kris,
You have to have this one - all kinds of awesome. Dig Scotty's eyebrows:
There's a whole album actually. 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas' is good too.

Also - Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby and David Bowie. That's a classic. Rumour has it Dave was pretty high.

Cheers to the season! TJ

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